7 FBI Secrets You NEED To Discover A Liar

An Agent Revealed Tricks Used By Central Intelligence To Know When A Suspect Not Telling The Truth.

7 FBI Secrets You NEED To Discover A Liar

October 5th, 2016

All people lie several times a day, sometimes even with good intentions, not to hurt someone or to avoid social entanglements. “White lies” typical. However, sometimes they are not so innocent, and untruthful frightening and can cause harmful consequences. But is it possible to detect them? As told by RD.

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LaRae Quy, an ex-FBI agent 59 years he worked for 23 years in the field of counterintelligence force, revealed what are the keys to detecting a lie, from the way the person walks, his reaction to a smile and other signals. Thus, Quy teaches how to implement in real life all the training she received for interrogation of suspects.

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The agent offered his own guide to recognize liars and said that “the signs are always in sight. All you have to do is know how to recognize them. No need to be an interrogator first line to realize what is going on inside the head of a person. ” Search for this signs:

1. Point

The first thing to do is set a benchmark on the conduct of certain individuals. The mannerisms and tics of each person combined with common gestures are a sign that the person it’s lying. Certain faces, position changes, crossing arms or touching the neck can be regular habits in certain people; however, they could also be signals in others.

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2. Detect deviations

After setting a benchmark, it is easier to detect changes in behavior, changes in regular course. For example, a suspicious attitude can be the person looking carefully to the floor when usually the person tends to keep the look in the eyes of the other person.

3. Accumulations of gestures

Another tip is to monitor that offers Quy gestures that appear together. To illustrate, use a situation the scope of business: “For example, your provider begins not only to clear his throat, but the head is also scratch and never stops moving his feet In these cases, we must act with caution. and be alert. ”

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4. Interactions

Another detail to note is how the individual in question interacts with others in a given situation. Does it occur the same deviations during the dialogue with the questioner? If your attitude changes, it is very likely that the suspect is untruthful.

5. Focus on specific words

Concentrating on certain words is a very advantageous skill that the expert used during his time at the agency. He explained that the use of action words like “decide” offer a clear perspective of how a person’s brain works.

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It’s not all about language. Watching someone walk is also extremely important. The specialist said that “people moving shuffling or those keeping their heads down while they walk shows no self-confidence”, so you have to approach this type of person in a more direct way.

7. Personality

Finally, a very important feature to detect lies is to learn to read the personality of a person over time, to understand what their passions and motivations and how they react under pressure and stress. Knowing intrinsic characteristics of the person allows you to detect when they are up to something.



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