Alicia Machado: A Former Miss Universe With A ‘COLORFUL’ Past

What Would Be Her Next Move?

Alicia Machado: A Former Miss Universe With A ‘COLORFUL’ Past

September 29th, 2016

Alicia Machado, a 39-year-old Venezuelan actress, and singer, has found her colourful past under the spotlight.

Hillary Clinton’s new ally – former Miss Universe Alicia Machado – had a steamy sex session on a reality TV show with another man while engaged, it has emerged.

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The Democratic candidate name-checked Miss Machado in a sharp exchange with opponent Donald Trump during the first Presidential debate on Monday.

Clinton accused Trump of having ‘fat shamed’ Miss Machado when she won the beauty competition in 1996.

Trump apparently called her ‘Miss Piggy‘ because she put on weight, and later ‘Miss Housekeeping’ because she is latina.

After winning Miss Universe, she went on to become a relatively successful actress and singer in Latinoamerica.

But with fame came controversy, and in 1998 she was accused of being involved in an attempted hit on a Venezuelan judge, which was linked to a criminal gang.

Miss Machado denied any involvement.

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In 2005, she again made headlines after appearing in a Spanish reality TV show called ‘La Granja‘.

At the time Miss Machado was engaged to Venezuelan baseball star Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Bobby Abreu.

But during the show, she struck up a romance with Spanish TV host Fernando Acaso.

In X-rated scenes, Miss Machado is shown apparently having sex with Acaso in front of hidden cameras.

In between gasps and moans she can be heard complimenting his manhood.

“Oh my love, you have a divine d***,” she said.

Her engagement with Abreu ended when she returned to the States.

In 2006, Machado appeared nude on the front cover of Playboy magazine.

Speaking about the attention on her past on CNN on Tuesday night she told host Anderson Cooper: “‘You know, I have my past. Of course. Everybody has.

“Everybody has a past. And I’m not a saint girl. But that is not the point now.”

Alicia Machado: A Former Miss Universe With A ‘COLORFUL’ Past - Imagen 2

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