This Funny Raccoon Snitched Some Guy’s Cel Phone

The Furry Contrabandist Even Manage To Record His Attempt to Haul @SS!

This Funny Raccoon Snitched Some Guy’s Cel Phone

October 13th, 2016

This is when you just get when trying mess up with the wrong furry beast (deam it nature, you SCARY!)

Guy Williams, 19, from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, a student at Bellarmine University just decided to film a raccoon that was just running around the premises.

However, for this dude surprise, the ‘ccoon came up to him, grabbed his phone, and took off!

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This Funny Raccoon Snitched Some Guy’s Cel Phone - Imagen 1

Giving that he was already recoding the entire ordeal, the raccoon made his “action scape” scene absolutely VIRAL GOLD!

‘I was trynna video a raccoon and it just picked up my phone and took off [sic],’ Guy captioned on Tuesday night via Twitter.

In the clip, the raccoon is sniffing around the grass and eating acorns before he walks up to Guy and snatches the phone with his teeth.

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The rest of the footage sees the raccoon’s feet and tail as he runs away from Guy, whose cries can be heard in the background.

Guy shouts ‘Stanley!’ over and over again in the video, and in the comments section of his tweet, he explained that is what he had named the raccoon right before the animal took his phone.

Although he was understandably worried that he would never see his phone again, Stanley finally dropped it after Guy had his friends call it.

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