What’s The Deal With Google’s New Pixel Phone?

The Reviews Of Pixel Are Finally Here

What’s The Deal With Google’s New Pixel Phone?

October 18th, 2016

Personally, I left the iOS team for Android during a whole year. I wanted the experience, I knew the iPhone would wait for me patiently so I give it a try. No regrets, but it was not my favorite thing in the world, but definitely a worthy experience in understanding the software and why in some way or another the Android it’s one of a kind.

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So let’s remember all the drama around the Samsung Galaxy that’s scaring everyone off, consequently, now the Google new Pixel appeals to consumers as a more reliable option. This smartphone is the first phone that Google has built completely on its own.

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If you’re in the market for a new phone, you need to know, that according to R29, the Pixel it’s worthy of your texting, Snapping, and travel adventures. So here are the things from the Pixel exceeded expectations:


The Pixel has no buttons on the front of the phone. The home “button” is part of its 5-inch display screen. When you need to find an app, rather than swiping right to see page after page you just swipe upwards and scroll.

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It has the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone (common to a few Android phones these days). So, instead of having to pick up your phone, and then press the home button to unlock it, the phone unlocks as you grab it with your hand.

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For iPhone users ‘Siri’. The assistant can deal with one request after another with speed and precision. The Assistant also offers a “show on map” option that you can use to see where each store or place it’s located in relation to another directly on Google Maps.

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When you swipe right across the home screen, you’re taken to a screen with Google search at the top and a series of app notification cards below, including Weather, News, and Nearby Attractions.

The camera feature that gets the most attention is called ‘Smartburst’, and specifically designed for action shots. Smartburst doesn’t just show you your rapid series of photos, it also automatically creates a GIF of the scene that’s saved automatically to your camera gallery.


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